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Dr. Lyudmila Hartt, M.D.

ADHD Specialist Dr. Lyudmila Hartt

Dr. Lyudmila Hartt attended The Omsk State Medical Academy where she earned her medical degree in Pediatrics in 1991. Founded in 1921, The Omsk State Medical Academy is one of the oldest medical schools in Russia. After postgraduate training in child and adolescent psychiatry, she practiced at The Omsk Regional Psyciatric Hospital in Russia until she came to the United States in 2000.

After moving to the states, Dr. Hartt completed 3 years of residency training in general psychiatry and a 2 year child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. She is a member of The American Psychiatric Association, The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, The Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians, The Bexar County Psychiatric Society and is double board certified in General and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Dr. Hartt's primary specialty is treatment of ADHD in children and adults. For more information on Dr. Hartt's ADHD treatment options and services, please visit her dedicated ADHD Specialist web site.

Dr. Hartt provides her patients with care based on the latest scientific achievements as well as clinical experience inherited throughout the centuries by generations of psychiatrists. She advocates a team approach, where a physician, patient, and patient's family work together:

Dr. Hartt lends her knowledge and expert opinion in order to assist patients in understanding possible causes, course, management and prognosis of the disorder. She discusses with patients and their families:

Equipped with this information, patients and their families are able to realize their right of choice and make informed decisions about their treatment options including medication management and/or psychotherapy.

Dr. Hartt works on finding a medication regimen that is effective and safe. To achieve the latter she gathers medical history, orders laboratory tests when indicated, and uses the least number and amount of medications needed to be effective.

Psychotherapy may be needed for individual and/or the family depending on the circumstances. Dr. Hartt may provide psychotherapy herself or make a referral to another specialist.